Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

The Start of a New Collection

Having splurged on furniture on Friday, I went to Sunday's antiques fair determined to only buy items that were a) on my list of stuff to track down and b) instantly useful and/or easily bought with the cash I had on me.

Most of the stalls were full of pretties that didn't fit the bill, but two had jumbled selections of old medicine bottles for not much money. So I bought 2 on one stall for £3 each, and 3 on the other for £2 each, all bearing labels from the same Huddersfield chemist. I already have a medicine cabinet to restore, and now I have the beginnings of stock for it.

Finding corks for the two that are missing them shouldn't be much of a problem either:
Bottles 161114
Tags: photos, real life, restoration, victoriana, winning at life
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