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A Tudor Christmas at Haddon Hall

On 6th December 2014, Haddon Hall opened for the festive season: the first time Christmas has been celebrated there in a good many years. The Tudor Group were there for the first weekend, with a host of activities and anecdotes to entertain visitors. Ruth Goodman was in fine form, inviting people to enter the lottery, although she was also heard to complain about the cold -- not surprising since the fire in the great hall had been lit the previous day for the first time in a month.

A bright day, if cold:
Haddon Hall 061214 (2) Haddon Hall 061214 (3)

The chapel and main house were well decked-out with greenery:
Haddon Hall 061214 (5) Haddon Hall 061214 (8)

And tables were laid in the long gallery for a fine festive feast:
Haddon Hall 061214 (10) Haddon Hall 061214 (11)

Although the Christmas tree at the end was rather un-Tudor:
Haddon Hall 061214 (12)

Outside, it was cold enough for the ornamental pond to be slightly frozen:
Haddon Hall 061214 (19)

While inside, the dining room (whose table was upstairs) was set up ready for a family Christmas:
Haddon Hall 061214 (23)

Back in the great hall, the Lord of Misrule had been crowned, and was enjoying a feast of his own:
Haddon Hall 061214 (28) Haddon Hall 061214 (29)

Sadly, even the non-alcoholic mulled wine, drunk in front of a log fire in the boot-room, wasn't enough to keep me warm for the entire day, so I had to skip most of the afternoon's festivities.
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