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theirea posted to awesome_places July 29 2014, 09:35

Alice in a Labyrinth - Restaurant (Tokyo/ Japan)

Here's Japan's "Alice in Wonderland" themed restaurant Restaurant #3 . (See also #1 "Alice in Magic Land" and #2 "Alice in an Old Castle")

"Alice in a Labyrinth" is located in Tokyo's Ginza district. Upon arrival you make your way down a hallway of book pages bearing the original Alice illustrations. The restaurant's interior features giant playing card tables, dining booths inside a big teacup and of course the waitresses sporting Alice gear.

quelquescoeurs posted to little_details July 28 2014, 00:36

Multiple real injuries from a supernatural event

I'm trying to write a story where one character goes through a supernatural experience and ends up with some serious medical issues.  Basically, his entire body is put through the wringer.  I want the character to be physically compromised, even disabled, but have his mental faculties more or less intact.  Here's what I've come up with so far.  I won't go into this much detail in the story, but I want to have a clear picture in my mind.

  • Subdural hematoma from brain swelling/injury, which addressed either with surgery, an induced coma, or both.

  • Pulmonary edema that is a cause of concern for a while but resolves relatively quickly

  • Dilated cardiomyopathy as a result of the pulmonary edema and/or myocarditis

So far, I figure the effects from these (besides increased risk of sudden death) would be:

  • Extreme fatigue, loss of concentration, short-term memory loss, and increased anxiety as a result of the brain injury

  • Risk of edema, embolism, and arrhythmia.  The character would have to wear a life vest to defibrillate his heart, or have an ICD surgically inserted.  Would compression socks be used for edema in the legs in this case?

  • Won't be able to physically exert himself for some time, and then will have to be careful

  • Will need physical and occupational therapy

  • Will have to eliminate sodium, fat and caffeine from his diet

Does all of this make sense? What would tell the police or doctors if you brought someone in like this and they were unaware of the supernatural?  If anyone has any tips or advice about accurately depicting these kinds of injuries and the fallout from them, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time!
stardragonblue posted to little_details July 27 2014, 09:49

Experience of Missing Child in Police Custody

I am finding a lot of material about reporting a missing child, but not much for the experiences of a missing/lost child who has just been found. The keywords I used included: missing children, Massachusetts runaway, Massachusetts missing children, missing children stories/experiences, how do the police process a lost child, what do I do if I find a lost child, when police find a lost child, police database, US police database, National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, when do found children get put in foster care.

The background:
A lost 10-year-old girl is picked up by the police in a small town in Massachusetts (present day). She was driven to a nearby town to see a movie, got in a fight with one of her new friends, popped someone in the nose and has blood all over her sleeves, and was picked up while she was walking back to the small town. She is a new arrival to the area, and has spent 100% of the time at her uncles' farmhouse. She isn't familiar with the area and doesn't know the town's layout, so she doesn't remember the way back home (she was driven, the farmhouse is out in the woods, and at this point, it's night). She forgot her phone at home and doesn't know her address or anyone's phone number. Other possible snags include the fact that the adults living at the farmhouse are either (a) living there under assumed names or (b) don't legally exist (they're hiding from an international criminal organization). Also, a "missing child" notice was filed for aforesaid child in her infancy by aforesaid criminal organization.

My questions:
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frozen_fields posted to linguaphiles July 26 2014, 16:07

English -> Russian

Dear Linguaphiles,

I will greatly appreciate help translating the following into Russian:
I, [...], a Notary Public commissioned by the State of Illinois, USA, hereby certify that this document consisting of 16 pages, is a complete, true and correct photocopy of the original passport of [...]. 
Many thanks in advance!
ashen_key posted to little_details July 26 2014, 08:41

Hospital Stay Post-GSW to Abdomen (+ Injury Details)

SETTING: Odessa, Ukraine, 2008/2009
SEARCHED: previous posts here; gunshot wound to abdomen recovery; post-surgery procedure; hospital recovery room. I've ended up with a lot of general information that relies on 'depends', and I need a few more specifics.
SET-UP: An athletic woman in her mid-twenties (who for the purposes of this is pretending to be American) is covering another person at the base of a cliff when she gets shot by a sniper, and bullet goes straight through. She survives with this scar, and I'm guessing that's the bullet's exit point from what the character said of the set-up. About two years later, the character seems to be suffering no mobility issues or long-term damage that impacts her very active job.

- Assuming the shooter is standing on the cliff above her, roughly where would the entry-point be on her back for that scar to be the exit-point and what would be hit? (As mentioned, she survives with no mobility issues)
- How long would they want to keep her in the hospital? And how soon would she be allowed visitors and moved to her own room?
- How long before would it be safe-ish to leave? She'll be leaving with someone pretending to be her husband (she's aware of this deceit and is going along with it). Doctors can be unhappy about her leaving, but not actually stop her.
- How long before she's able to move about somewhat normally?

I found a lot of information that started with 'depends where the patient is hit', which wasn't quite helpful with pinning things down given I'm working within what the character's movie said. So, anything more specific would be super-useful.
rose_the_hat posted to little_details July 26 2014, 00:26

Physics of Hit By Car

First post here. Little nervous.

Story takes place modern day in an American suburb.

I'm writing a story and the scene I'm working on now, a character is going to be hit--I mean mowed down by a car going 80 MPH (aiming to kill, not stopping on impact). I just want to know the physics of such an accident. Would my character be thrown over the top of the car? Or would my character be pulled under and dragged? The car doing the damage is a late 60's Chevrolet, if that makes a difference.

I'm just looking for answers in plain understandable English, not scientific jargon.

Search terms used: "hit by speeding car" "damage caused by pedestrian hit by car going 80 mph" "pedestrian hit by car physics"

Thank you for any help/insight you can offer.

sean_michael posted to torquere_social July 25 2014, 18:28

Box of Nails: Making Repairs

It’s become something of a tradition that I release a Box of Nails story at the beginning of August and this year is no exception. This one will be the third and there was no doubt in my mind who I would be focusing on as Little Mike totally made his presence known in the second book. In Making Repairs, we find out what happened to Mike and Angus, a police officer, attempts to woo him back to the land of the living. Little Mike broke my heart, and I wrote and wrote until it wasn't broken anymore.

This Old House and This Young Stud were the first two and Making Repairs will be available on August 6!

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creativityspren posted to little_details July 25 2014, 17:17

Psychology: Nonhuman perception of time, Forgetting one's own name

For purposes of following the established format, my work is a historical fiction, set in 13th-16th century Japan with fantastic elements such as yokai integrated into the world.

I have two psychology related questions:

1) How might a drastically different rate of aging effect someone's perception of time, both independently and compared to standard human aging? Most of my main characters in the novel I'm working on aren't human. They're demons that age at a much different rate from humans, and different species of demons age differently from one another. Here's how my main character ages compared to a human:

Human: 1 year of age = 1 year of growth; MC: 8 and a half years of age = 1 year of growth

Basically, it takes the MC 8 and a half years to attain the full equivalent of one year's development/growth. I imagine that this different rate of aging would fundamentally alter how she (and other nonhumans) perceive the passage of time and years. The typical 4-seasons-a-year is in effect environmentally.

I just don't know how such a long rate of aging would effect one's perception of time. I've looked at the classical fantasy examples (namely elves and dwarves in Tolkien, Paolini, etc.) that age differently from humans, but they don't really talk much about how those species think of the passage of time.

Note: for the MC's species, each "year" is viewed as one part in a cycle that completes itself after they've reached the 8.5 year mark from some yet-unknown start date, at which point, to them, it starts over. It is a buildup to their growth equivalent of one year, like how humans often have New Year's celebrations to mark the symbolic beginning of a new year/cycle of growth/what have you.

2) Is it possible for someone to genuinely forget their given name if addressed and referred to exclusively by a pseudonym for a long enough period of time?

The main character, a prostitute, lives and works under a pseudonym for 85 years, from age 8 to 18, and during that time is not once called by her real name. My thinking was that, under those circumstances, it would be more likely that she would forget her name and identify with her pseudonym alone. Would it be possible for her to eventually remember her real name - with a good deal of effort, a triggering question that causes her to realize she doesn't actually remember it, and mental sifting through the names that stick out in her mind (one of which is her given name)?

Search terms used for both questions include: altered perception of time, time perception theory, theories on animal time perception, time perception, pseudonym, is it possible to forget own name, pseudonym replacing real name, self-identity+name, etc.

All of what I found was related to memory-affective medical conditions (Alzheimer's, dementia, fugue state) or conditions with psychosis as a symptom (some forms of schizophrenia).

Thank you for your help with these somewhat odd questions.

nessataleweaver posted to little_details July 25 2014, 17:16

Native American tribes in Civil War Era Iowa

time/place: 1860's USA.

I'm writing a gaslight fantasy set in the 1880's, and one of my characters was adopted as a toddler/pre-schooler by a Native American tribe during the 1860's; he was primarily raised by the tribe's shaman, who taught him how to use an unusual magical talent. The character is from Iowa in the original fandom, so I thought I should stick to it if possible... but I can't figure out what tribe that would be!

I've googled Native American tribes and Iowa history, and found that a number of tribes were around... but the stuff I've come across seems to all be around the Great Lakes, and I was hoping for something around the Plains area.

Also A) this character is white; if the tribe historically did things like torture captives, that crosses them off the list. B) the Trail of Tears (1830's) hasn't happened, or only on a much smaller scale, due to the Native Americans possessing powerful earth magic; while the tribal lands have shrunken considerably, most of the tribes are still wherever their ancestral lands are. C) I'd really like a tribe that still has at least records of their language available, because I'd like the character to use some phrases (mostly endearments and swear words!) with his magically bonded partner.
sean_michael posted to torquere_social July 25 2014, 14:00

Designated Bottoms anthology

When the editor of this anthology asked me if I'd like to do a story on the theme of 'designated bottom' I had just two questions -- how long and when's the deadline? Of course I wanted to do a story on the theme of designated bottom! Turns out I'm in very good company too -- check out this line up: Katey Hawthorne, Kiernan Kelly, Julia Talbot, BA Tortuga, KC Wells, Shannon West, and me!

My story is called Little Square of Cloth, and I do believe it'll be available on its own, but if you pick up the anthology, you get all seven stories for a much lower price than buying them individually!

Little Square of Cloth

When Peter is unexpectedly thrust into a bdsm club with a black hankie in his right back pocket, he has no idea that he’s signaling being a hard core sub who is up for anything. Lucky for him, Master Rupert takes one look and falls for the unwitting sub and takes Peter under his wing, in more ways than one.

Can a rescue at a club turn into so much more?

It will be available on July 30 at Torquere Press!

click for an excerptCollapse )
sean_michael posted to torquere_social July 25 2014, 12:51

mid-summer good morning and contest

I can hardly believe that today is already the last Friday of the month. July seems like a really long month when you're at the start of it. And then here we are, just under a week left to go. I happen to be happy that summer is halfway through, and once July is over it always feels like a slide down into Fall. August is usually a little more temperate here, a little less humid. Evenings are nicer, mornings are fresher. Of course, July hasn't been its usually hotter than the hinges of hell self, though it has certainly brought on the expected humider than the bottom of the ocean aspect, so I'm just hoping that August follows its normal pattern instead of pulling a July on me ;)

In the meantime, my central air and I are best buds. You can always put more clothes on in the winter, but you can only take off so much until you hit skin and you're stuck as you are. Of course summer also has its men with very little on, skin glistening with sweat, mmmm. Okay, I can think of a thing or two I do like about summer ;)

Like ice cream and fresh berries with whipped cream, light airy desserts like chocolate mousse... share your favorite summer dessert with me so that I may drool. (Drooling helps dogs cool down, I'm gonna test and see if that works for humans too)

Speaking of things to like, I'll do a drawing tomorrow after noon so all time zones can participate. You just need to leave a comment on any of my posts today and I'll randomly draw a winner. Prize is a $10 gift certificate from Torquere Press. Which you can use on anything, like perhaps one of my upcoming releases like Designated Bottoms, or This Old House: Making Repairs... more on them later.

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