Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

So What is Kickstarter Anyway?

Candlemark and Gleam, on my behalf (me not being based in the US for one thing), are using Kickstarter to generate interest in preorders for A Series of Ordinary Adventures, but maybe I've been assuming too much knowledge on other people's behalfs.

Kickstarter is a means of crowdsourcing: finding backers for a creative project over the internet, whether that's something small like the upfront money to make a book's first printrun less hasslesome, or something huge like an all day event. Payments are arranged through Amazon, but no money changes hands until after the project's deadline, and only then if a project has reached its funding target.

And the fun part is that funding a project can get you extra rewards on top of the project's main goal. So if you sponsor a book launch, not only can you buy the book with your pledge, but you can also get cool additional tie-in goodies based on the amount of your pledge (otherwise known as tiered rewards).

As well as the Kickstarter for the printrun of A Series of Ordinary Adventures (at, the other cool project you need to go look at is Angela Korra'ti's project to rerelease her fab novel Faerie Blood, which sadly went out of print when the publisher folded and to release for the first time the sequel Bone Walker. That project has reached its initial funding goal, but I think a lot of people reading here would like the books, and we're promised extra rewards if the project reaches new goals before its deadline.

So, go and explore. There are lots of other projects needing backing over there too.

Ask me stuff! Tell me about other cool projects I need to spread the word about!
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