Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Charmed by Prince Charming

'Charmed by Prince Charming' is possibly the closest to real-world out of all the stories in my collection. It started out as a story for a British-themed anthology, and then rather outgrew the target word count. It's also the closest I come in this collection to a conventional romance plot, although the characters and their relationship are some way from conventional.

Our tale begins with a theatre company. In the summer, they mostly perform Shakespeare, and in the winter they put on a pantomime. Already we have the seeds for a fairy tale or three any any number of opportunities for cross-dressing. Colin is the main comic actor, playing the humourous best friend to the hero or heroine in each production, and he has a crush on the company's leading man. Who may in fact be a woman. Who happens to have a girlfriend -- Colin's offstage best friend -- and she is most definitely a lesbian.

Poor Colin. Encouraged by the boss of the theatre -- who is also the pantomime dame and any number of older male characters from the Shakespeare productions -- as well as by his best friend, he finally plucks up the courage to speak to his crush object. Who, it turns out, is also rather keen on him, and more than a little flexible when it comes to both relationships and gender identity.

'Charmed by Prince Charming' is set in an army town, which may be Colchester. Then again it may be a town very close to wherever you happen to be right now.

Over to you. Shakespeare or fairy stories? Do you like one better than the other, or do you want both in your world?

Link to complete story list
Link to the Kickstarter page for the book's launch
Tags: a series of ordinary adventures, my stories, on writing
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