Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Linking: Top 5 LGBTQIA Characters in Books

This blog post has a top 5 that includes some books I need to investigate, and honourable mentions likewise.

There was also an honourable mention there for one of my characters:

Cynthia from “The Woman Who Hatched A Fairy’s Egg” in A Series of Ordinary Adventures: I really just loved this story. The book in general explored a lot of LGBTQIA themes, but Cynthia was my favorite protagonist in the book. I hurt with her when she recalled Sophie, her lover/wife who had passed away. Her developing fondness for Matthew, which was more than casual friendship but not truly a romance, intrigued me and made me glad for her. Carroll doesn’t hit you over the head with LGBTQIA themes in her stories, but they’re definitely present and I appreciated that quite a lot.

Equally excitingly, all the Candlemark and Gleam books are on, including my A Series of Ordinary Adventures
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