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Stevie Carroll

June's Writing Progress in Numbers

McKoala is back! So I'd better update.

10k words written (continuation of one short story, one complete short-short story) = 3 points

2.5k words edited (tidying up the first short story before adding more) = 1 point

1 guest blog post written and posted = 1 point

Which gives me only 5 points for this month.

Have an excerpt anyway:

"Distasteful as this is for me." Edward's father stared at a spot on the wall behind his son. "I see no way of resolving the issue without your help."

"The issue?" Edward feigned ignorance, nonchalantly straightening his cuff-link. He'd been very careful how and where he spread the rumours, but his hard work seemed to have paid off. Since his mother was conspicuously absent along with Hugh and Julia, it seemed likely that his father would want any arrangement they made kept very quiet indeed. Obviously that gave Edward a considerable advantage in the negotiations.

"Your brother has got some woman in trouble, and now she's angling for hush-money." The Duke seemed no keener than Edward had been on simply sweeping the whole matter aside with a little trip to Harley Street for Consolata and her almost-baby.

"I suppose you need me to act as a go-between?" He'd calculated how much it would cost to set up mother and child in the Americas, or back in Italy if she preferred, and to provide a suitable allowance for them both until the child turned eighteen. A sizeable sum, but he was happy to take his handling fee in property. One of the London houses, or perhaps a pair.

"I need you to marry the wench. Someone's got to continue the line, and I've seen no sign your brother's useless wife is going to perform."

Edward's nails dug into his palms. Now was not the time to stand up for Julia, no matter how much he wanted to.

"I barely know the woman." The words slipped out before he had fully considered them. He should have denied knowing her altogether.

"I shouldn't think that would bother you. It's not as if you have any other woman in mind for the purpose." His father's gaze fell on Edward. "You know her, then?"

There's more of this one in the comments over at picowrimo, and the other should go live in a couple of days time.
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