Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Spotted While Out and About

Up visiting Mum and Dad this weekend, and I never did get around to posting about the excitement I had on the way back last time. I had almost an hour to kill between trains at Bristol Temple Meads, and I must have spent almost all of that watching a steam train, the BR standard class 7 70000 Britannia, doing not much really. It was noisy and beautiful, though.

I also took an awful lot of photos. It had been pulling the first Torbay Express of the season, and I didn't get brilliant shots of all the carriages, but here are a few of my better photos:

Train Photo 010712 (03)

Train Photo 010712 (10)

Train Photo 010712 (15)

Full set here. A video of the train in action, found on a quick browse of YouTube is here.

In only vaguely related news, I passed a couple of hours between trains on Thursday wandering around Sheffield. A pint of Hobgoblin and a bowl of chips in the Howard netted me the information that the record shop that used to be next door was now up the road and round the corner. Having tracked it down, I bought quite a lot of secondhand vinyl. Bryan Ferry singing It's My Party makes me oddly happy.
Tags: out and about, photos, real life, truth stranger than fiction
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