Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Exploring Hampshire's Churchyards 2/3

For my second lunchtime trip last week, I went a little further afield, driving rather than walking to my destination.

St Martin's Church, Ellisfield

Another 13th Century church, rebuilt in the Victorian era, this one has a rather interesting addition to one of the trees just inside the churchyard:
Ellisfield Church 080812 (2)

I also liked the tree-lined walk to the main door:
Ellisfield Church 080812 (3)

And here's the church in its entirity, along with another friendly-looking tree:
Ellisfield Church 080812 (5) Ellisfield Church 080812 (8)

Ellisfield Church 080812 (13) Ellisfield Church 080812 (14)

Full set of photos starts here
Tags: out and about, photos, real life
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