Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

A Small Collection of Free eReads

Grouping these together, because they don't quite fit in a standard Books Read... post. I enjoyed them all.

Murder in a Tea Shoppe
by Carola Dunn
Published by Belgrave House
Free eRead

Story set quite early in the series. Daisy and Lucy eat out and solve a mystery.

Unhappy Medium
by Carola Dunn
Published by Belgrave House
Free eRead

Early in the series again, but this time with vague mentions of other series characters. Daisy and Lucy are called in to unmask a fraudulent medium, but things don't quite go to plan.

Miss Primrose and the March of Progress
by Carola Dunn
Published by Belgrave House
Free eRead

Based on a true story in part. The elderly Miss Primrose braves the new fangled Liverpool and Manchester railway on the day that it opens, and encounters a mystery.

The Life She Left Behind
by Maisey Yates
Published by Mills & Boon
Free eRead

Heiress Angelina Carpenter traded in diamonds for denim--and the freedom to make her own choices--when she fled from her arranged marriage to Sheikh Taj Ahmad. Now working as a nanny for the royal family of Santina, Angelina can`t help but risk a glimpse at the glamorous life she left behind during a lavish party...and runs straight into Taj! And this time, the ruthless sheikh has no intention of letting his runaway bride get away...


A novella to introduce a series of category romances. The story was cute enough, although it didn't tick all my boxes, but there were enough intrigues in the background for me to look out for the other books.
Tags: ebooks, goodreads, reviews
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