Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Encountering Remarkable Trees 1/2

Last week's adventuring took me, quite by chance, into a very different churchyard from those I've photographed before. I probably wouldn't have found it at all, except that I needed to both consult my map and post a letter. So I pulled over by what looked like a small copse behind a well-built stone wall and discovered a small collection of graves nestling amongst mature trees and large quantities of ivy.

According to the sign at the gate, there was a church on the site from the 12th century until Victorian times, then a replacement was built, which stood there from 1846 to 1956:Nutley Churchyard 140812 (1)

Now, though, no sign of it remains: just the graves and the trees:
Nutley Churchyard 140812 (2) Nutley Churchyard 140812 (4)

Nutley Churchyard 140812 (6) Nutley Churchyard 140812 (7)

The Manor House still stands next door, although I couldn't get any pictures of it, and across the road is this rather impressive stable block:
Nutley Churchyard 140812 (8)

Full set of pictures starts here.

I couldn't find any pictures of the church as it was before demolition, but there's a short description of it here.
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