Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Encountering Remarkable Trees 2/2

Various friends, charliecochrane in particular, have expressed an interest in the area immediately surrounding my work. I've shown off the nearby church already, so now here are some pictures of the estate I work on, and one of my favourite walks just beyond:

First, the estate, where we have to negotiate various cattlegrids in order to meet the trees and the sheep (there is also a flock of larger white sheep, but they were over the other side last week):
Herriard Landscapes 170812 (1) Herriard Landscapes 170812 (4)

Herriard Landscapes 170812 (5) Herriard Landscapes 170812 (6)

Leaving the estate via yet another cattle grid, we follow a track down past various houses and offices then between fields of crops, encountering more mature trees along the way:
Herriard Landscapes 170812 (7) Herriard Landscapes 170812 (8)

There wasn't time to explore the little path through the trees on that occasion, or even the other one, which I know would eventually take us back to the office. Turning back, we found a rather lonely old piece of agricultural machinery:
Herriard Landscapes 170812 (9)

Full set of pictures starts here. Coming up, photos of this weeks' adventures in the Midlands.
Tags: out and about, photos, real life
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