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Stevie Carroll

A Day Out in Derbyshire Part 1: Wingfield Manor

I had a very busy Saturday this week. Having arrived at Mum and Dad's house quite late, I was up relatively early to ensure we got to South Wingfield in good time (ie half an hour before we needed to be there). Wingfield Manor is only open to visitors on the first Saturday of summer months, so we did have a reason for our haste.

Because part of the manor is part of a working farm, we had a bit of a walk to get there, but it was well worth the effort when we did:

The main part of the building work took place in the 15th Century, which was exactly what I needed for my novel research. The Civil War took its toll a little later though, although even the biggest guns the roundheads could find didn't completely penetrate the walls:

The story goes that they had ten rounds of shot, of which they fired nine, before asking politely if the Royalists would like to surrender. Onwards to the kitchen:

And the wing where Mary, Queen of Scots stayed, Derbyshire being the furthest place from London, Scotland and the coasts:

More magnificent rooms:

The barn, which predates much of the house:

The undercroft, where we were told ghost stories:

And no visit to a ruin is complete without a tower to climb and take photos from:

Full set of photos starts here. Keep going to the end, and you'll see a white peacock.
Tags: for reference, inspiration, out and about, photos, truth stranger than fiction

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