Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

A Day Out in Derbyshire Part 2: Ashbourne

When planning my saturday excursion, it dawned on me that Searching for Julia is set in the triangle of Matlock, Bakewell and Ashbourne, and while I've been to the first two many times, I have less experience of the third. So I endeavoured to fix that.

It was a market day, as is traditional for Saturdays (and Thursdays too) and a vintage bus was passing through:

Some interesting signage across the road from the market -- distance markers, old and new, and references to Jacobites:

Ashbourne has varied buildings:

Interesting graffiti:

And giant soap bubbles

More signage:

And even a department store:

Lots of inspiration for when I start my next round of edits. Full set of photos starts here.
Tags: for reference, out and about, photos, real life

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