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eBooks with Trans* Characters

suebrownstories was asking about trans* characters in books. Here are some I've spotted so far on Beth Wylde's group that I think may be interesting:

Leslie Goosemoon Rides Again by Giselle Renarde
Published By: loveyoudivine
Word Count: 3,805
Heat Index ***
Price: $2.00

Leslie Goosemoon the cowgirl used to be Leslie Goosemoon the cowboy, and folks in these parts don't take kindly to changes.

New to the rodeo experience, Dina doesn't understand why the biggest star on the circuit is despised by all. When she runs a search on the rodeo champ, it all becomes clear: Leslie Goosemoon the cowgirl used to be Leslie Goosemoon the cowboy, and folks in these parts don't take too kindly to those people. The town's intolerable ignorance drives Dina to seek out Leslie at her modest cabin, where desire is sparked by enlightening conversation, dusty jeans, and a refreshing shower in the great outdoors.

If I Were a Lady... by Bryl R. Tyne
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella
Price: $4.50

Fifth grade English teacher, Kendra Wright, doesn’t believe in instant love. In fact, at twenty-nine, she’s all but given up hope of ever finding love, period. That is, until she meets the new principal, Valerian Riche.

He may be stunning, gentlemanly and honorable, but falling for the man is the last thing on Kendra's agenda. But when Val makes the first move, Kendra’s life as the youngest spinster to ever grace the pages of history is turned upside-down.

She’s longed to be treated like the lady she knows she is, but technically, is not. But if the truth comes out, it will destroy her career and end the wildest romantic ride she’s ever known.

Kendra must end the relationship before she’s in too deep. Before the truth is revealed. But, how does a lady say no to the charm-charged wiles of a man as determined, and eager, as Val Riche? While she anticipates the horror of breaking the news, he persists on making her decision as difficult as possible. Maybe Val should’ve checked Kendra’s package before he unchecked his heart.

Ignited by Bryl R. Tyne
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Naughty Nibble
Price: $2.50

Fireworks in Orlando—the crowds, Val’s attitude, the unbearable Florida humidity…will Kendra survive the heat? When public make-up sex inside the prop room of a local art studio turns an excursion into mind-blowing group sex, Val’s set on showing Kendra fireworks like she’s never experienced!

Tengo una Pistola by Bryl R. Tyne (in Cocked & Fully Loaded: a Historical Western Anthology)
Genre: Western
Length: Novella
Price: $5.00

After ten days in the saddle, Chuck just wants a hot meal and hotter bath water. He knows exactly where to find both too -- at home, with his lover, Mitch. But what Chuck finds instead is that Mitch has taken in Carmen, one of the town whores . . . and not only is she sharing Mitch's bed, she's using Chuck's tub. The situation irks Chuck to no end, but not as badly as the images of those wet and soapy feminine thighs that are stuck in his craw and driving him crazy. What the hell is going on? As far as Chuck's concerned, somebody had better start talking and talking soon!

Those are all on my to-buy list at present, so I have no actual comments on them beyond the fact that the blurbs look interesting.

[Edited To Add:] Being terribly British about the whole concept of promoting myself, I completely failed to mention my own story, which has a trans* protagonist in the form of Stuart.

The Monitors by Stevie Carroll (in Echoes of Possibilities)
Genre: Sci-Fi
Price: $5.95

Stuart is a monitor: a human back-up to the computer controls on a deep space colony transport. Working alone for months at a time, with long periods between shifts spent in cryogenic stasis, his contact with other people is limited to the change-over of shifts, and brief stays on distant planets between jobs. Born blind into a universe where genetic 'abnormalities' are screened out at conception, Stuart has come to see himself as superior to the 'normals' in some respects, but lacking in others that have nothing to do with sight. He dreams of an academic research post, a family and a permanent home, always wondering what woman will love 'a guy like him'.

Claire, deaf since a childhood illness, has broken away from her overprotective family, and wants to see as much of the universe as possible. Having spotted Stuart from afar before joining the ship's crew, she is delighted when their shifts overlap, and is unafraid to demonstrate her attraction to him. The instantaneous, intense chemistry between them breaks down Stuart's inhibitions about sex on duty -— and on a first date, at that —- but will Claire willingly put her travel plans aside until he's ready to travel with her?

And for anyone who's ever wondered when to use 'which' and when to use 'that', here's an explanation:
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