Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Six Sentence Sunday

I'm almost finished with the last round of edits on Heirs and Graces, before I send it off to be beta'd. Now, I just need to make the changes that came out of an interesting discussion with charliecochrane and elin_gregory this week. My six for today are set on the same day as last week's, in October 1963, and we get an idea of why Julia was so keen to speak to Edward, even though he was the one to set up their meeting.* Here she is lamenting her failure to get pregnant and, more importantly, stay pregnant, at the same time wondering if that's somehow her fault or if Hugh (her husband, Edward's brother) is somehow to blame:

Nothing wrong with Hugh in that department, Edward thought.

"Hugh says it's all my fault. He says I'm the defective one." She sighed. "If it wasn't for the title, I'd suggest we adopt. I'm sure I could love another woman's baby just as much as my own."

* Incidentally, Julia knows nothing of Consolata and Rupert, and Edward wants to keep things that way for now.

To see what other people have been posting this week, go to the website here and follow the links to all the story extracts, with something to suit every taste.
Tags: six sentence sunday, story extract, work in progress
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