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Six Sentence Sunday

Heirs and Graces is now all tidied up and off to be beta'd, so I'll be going back and editing the book that started me on Edward's story, Searching for Julia (which I always think of as Linda's story for reasons that probably only the picowrimo folk will follow). Anyway, today's six come from a little later in Heirs and Graces than last week's.Edward is in Italy, and having late night thoughts about the possibility of relocating (mainly because he wants a career change):

New York was even further from Derbyshire than Edinburgh, and he couldn't help worrying about Julia. He'd met his mother for pre-dinner drinks at the New Bath Hotel in Matlock, and she'd confirmed his suspicions that Hugh was liable to go back to his old ways completely, if Julia didn't conceive the child they both longed for. Julia needed to know she had somewhere to run to – or rather drive to – and that meant staying on the same side of the Atlantic as her. Even if she never took advantage of the opportunity, it had to be there. Edward had to be able to reach her easily as well. He dismissed New York from his plans.

[ETA:] In case anyone worries that Edward has forgotten his duties to his family, he's holding Rupert in the scene above, and his thoughts are mostly inspired by the urge to keep his son safe.

I've got a few more sets of six lined up from this story, but then I may end the year with more of a variety of extracts.

To see what other people have been posting this week, go to the website here and follow the links to all the story extracts, with something to suit every taste.
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