Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Six Sentence Sunday

Heirs and Graces is still off being beta'd, and I'm continuing to make progress with editing the book that started me on Edward's story, Searching for Julia (which I always think of as Linda's story for reasons that probably only the picowrimo folk will follow). Today's six follow on shortly after last week's. In Heirs and Graces, Raymond has some sage advice for Edward if he's not going to be able to effect that career change he was thinking about:

"Bring Connie in on the game, and out into the open. Pass her off as Reynard's mistress, if you don't want the hassle of another wedding, and don't fancy the idea of living with her..."

"It might just work." He'd have to keep her away from Julia, of course, and it was better if Nicky and Bridie knew nothing about her either. On the other hand, he'd be trusting Consolata with more information than he usually shared with anyone -- Raymond and Stanton excepted for obvious reasons. He had absolutely no idea how she'd react, or whether she'd be unworried what he did so long as the money kept on coming in.

I've got two more sets of six lined up from this story, but then I plan to end the year with a variety of extracts from other stories.

To see what other people have been posting this week, go to the website here and follow the links to all the story extracts, with something to suit every taste.
Tags: six sentence sunday, story extract, work in progress
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