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Continuing my series of posts on eBooks I have spotted in recent promotions, and plan to buy at some point, I present a list of anthologies:

To Love and To Cherish by various
published 29/01/10 by LoveYouDivine
3 eBooks, all f/f romance
$3.75/$3.25/3.25 each

For section one, On Bended Knee, our authors shared the many ways one woman asks another to share her life forever, whether it could be recognized by the government or not. Robyn in “The Anti Proposal” by Stephanie Rose stumbles through a comedy of errors trying to deliver the perfect night for the big question. Indulge in the sweet, touching memories of a widow seeing her bride on their wedding day in “My Doris My Love,” by Jolene Hui.

In section two, With This Ring, authors explored the hilarity and anxiety of planning and living through the ceremony itself. It's one of the times we all put our feelings out there for everyone to witness, and as a result, what results is what happens when you've made other plans. Raven and Gale have chosen to be joined before their community in “Jumping the Broom.”

Our third section, Lives and Wives, draws from life, plain and simple, powerfully humbling and wonderful, between two women. Remember falling in love all over again with Adriana Kraft's “Embracing the Fire.” Count your blessings in Beth Wylde's “Together Forever.”

All proceeds from this collection are being donated to Marriage Equality USA which continues the fight in courtrooms around the country to secure civil marriage rights for GLBT couples across the U.S.

I Do by various- Anthology
Published January 2009 by Mir Press
Anthology in support of marriage equality

21 authors contributing 20 stories of love and commitment

Do you support the right of any human being to marry the person they love? The right to say 'I Do' to a life of commitment and sharing with that one special person? We do.

We hope that marriage will soon be a dream that everyone can share. That's why the following authors of LGBT fiction have donated stories to this anthology, in aid of Lambda Legal Fund's fight for marriage equality:

Tracey Pennington, Alex Beecroft, Charlie Cochrane, Clare London, Storm Grant, Lisabet Sarai, Sharon Maria Bidwell, Jeanne Barrack, Marquesate, Z.A Maxfield, P.A Brown, Allison Wonderland, Erastes, Zoe Nichols and Cassidy Ryan, Emma Collingwood, Mallory Path, Jerry L. Wheeler, Moondancer Drake, Fiona Glass, Lee Rowan.

All profits from the sale of this anthology will be donated to the Lambda Legal Defense to fight Prop 8 in support of marriage equality for all.

I Do Two! by various- Anthology
Published February 2009 by Mir Press
Anthology in support of marriage equality

Love is at the heart of all we want for ourselves so why shouldn't any human being be able to say I Do to a life of commitment and sharing with that special person?

We hope that marriage will soon be a dream that everyone can share.
That's why some of the leading authors of GLBT fiction have donated their talent -- and their heart warming, thought provoking, life affirming stories -- to this anthology, in aid of Lambda Legal Fund's fight for marriage equality.

Ruth Sims; Alex Beecroft; Lee Rowan; Gillian Palmer; Brian Holliday; Rob Rosen; Sophia Deri-Bowen; Nigel Puerasch; Rick R. Reed; Nexis Pas; Michael Gouda; "Nathan Burgoine, Jamie Freeman, Bruin Fisher, D.C. Juris, James Buchanan, L-J Baker, Charlie Cochrane, Neil S. Plakcy, Julia Rios, J.L. Merrow, Lenore Black

All profits from the sale of this anthology will be donated to the Lambda Legal Defense to fight Prop 8 in support of marriage equality for all.

Not an eBook, but I still want:

Where the Girls Are by various- Anthology
Published February 2009 by Cleis Press
Urban Lesbian Erotica edited by D.L. King
$14.95 link:

Hot Girls in the City

Every year, thousands of young women arrive in the big city, seduced by downtown life and endless sexual opportunities. D.L. King presents both true tales and explicit fiction about these wide-eyed newcomers from the very best writers of lesbian erotica. From first times to wet and wild hook-ups at bars, clubs, and parties, to falling in love at first sight, Where the Girls Are sets a higher standard for lesbian erotica. In Jessica Lenox's "A is for Apple," the new girl in town learns "b is for bondage" when she gets the education of a lifetime. Charlotte Dare's meltingly hot "The Critic," shows how city chicks do it so right, and sparks fly in Evan More's "Electricity," when a country girl walks into a bar and discovers true bliss underneath a cocky butch.

And a mini-review of an eBook I won in a promotion:

The Official Details:
Shattered Glass
Author: AC Katt
ISBN: 978-1-936356-02-7
Cover Artist: Placida Publishing, LLC
Length: 99.4k words (Nourishing Nosh)
Genres: m/m, GLBT, erotic romance, erotica, contemporary, thriller, mystery
Heat Level: 4 Suns

Can love survive and be rekindled when a heart is broken like Shattered Glass?

Milo grew up in fear, hiding the fact that he was gay. Becoming a rock star with his band Shattered Glass was a dream come true. Finally lovers with Liam, the friend he'd desired since childhood, Milo worries about his image and keeping their relationship a secret.

Liam knew he loved Milo, even as a kid. But their fame and fortune can't buy him the happiness of talking Milo out of the closet, able to freely express their love. Unfortunately, a fellow band-mate with vengeance on his mind conspires to break the lovers up in the most vicious way possible, destroying the couple's relationship and shredding Liam's peace of mind.

Six years later, Liam is older, wiser, and has rebuilt his life after the devastating loss of Milo and the band. Forced into a tenuous working reunion, Liam knows his heart still belongs to Milo. Working together to uncover the web of lies that pulled them apart, now all they have to do is survive the psychopath intent on silencing Liam and his music forever.

Contains hot rock star manlove, mysterious motives, and a brotherhood of friends strong enough to forgive.

My thoughts:

I'm so much in two minds about this one. There's a good premise, and a strong basic plot, but it would have worked so much better as a short story. Much of the word count is a chronological recounting of the events leading up to the main action, told from the points of view of just about all the involved parties. As such, the reader knows exactly who did what to whom, and why.

I wasn't exactly sold on the two main characters, or their relationship either, in as much as it felt too much like that common trope of 'abusive relationship, but that's okay because they love each other so, so much'. Been there, done that, don't want to be reminded of it. The age gap didn't bother me, although it might bother some people given that it's in the context of guardian/mentor and ward/mentee.

As I'm not the greatest fan of first-time sex scenes, having the characters' first time with each other told in its chronological place in the story and then in two flashbacks was a little off-putting.

Then again I loved some of the background characters, and would have loved to see more pages given over to them and to the resolution of the various plot threads not directly related to the central Mystery (that one we all knew the answer to anyway.

In summary, I have no idea how to rate this book or to whom I should be recommending it.

I've probably got one more To Buy list of (mainly) eBooks, then some reviews and more musings on writing.
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