Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Portsmouth D-Day Museum and the Overlord Tapestry

Saturday just gone involved a little less travel than the previous one. After a small detour to Waterlooville Library to pick up my ticket for the Deadly Dames evening on the 28th of November, we headed to Southsea. Our first stop was for lunch at Mozzarella Joes, which was a most splendid eating experience, and then we continued on our way to the D-Day Museum.

Following a viewing of a compilation film of archive footage, we walked around the large central room to examine each panel of the Overlord Tapestry in sequence. The work that went into it is stunning, and the details of each of the main political players from the US and UK make them instantly recognisable rendered in fabric and silks.

The other half of the museum shows not only the details of the D-Day landings but also how the people of Portsmouth were affected by the War in general. Plus there were more archive films, although I only had time to watch one about the women of the RAF (which sadly overlooked the delivery pilots that I'm really interested in).

Well worth a visit.
Tags: inspiration, out and about, real life
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