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'Crap Cars' at Beaulieu National Motor Museum

Continuing with the transport and social history theme, last Saturday night saw us at Beaulieu National Motor Museum for one of the regular Friends' Evenings. This one was titled Steve Vokins Presents... Crap Cars and featuted two sessions of romping through the video archives for some truly cringe-worthy car ads and other marketing films.

Stand-out examples from the first half for me were the Ford Bebop, an 80s concept car based on the Fiesta (I think it could have worked, if they hadn't pushed the concept a little too far); the BP Build-a-car competition for schools, where the interviews with contestants fell more than a little flat; and the very 70s ad for the four versions of the Hillman Avenger. After a short break, we were 'treated' to more of the same, including the Rolls Royce Silver Spirit, the Ford Edsel (including an interview with the man responsible for this disaster), and the Rover/Austin Maestro (I have a soft-spot for them, but the marketing was appalling).

Prior to the meeting, we got to look round the museum, and I took a few photos, the best of which are here:

I've always loved the museum's garage diorama:
National Motor Museum 201012 (1)

I seem to remember a friend telling how he hitched a lift in one of these:
National Motor Museum 201012 (9)

A pair for charliecochrane, who mentions the AA in her Cambridge Fellows books:

National Motor Museum 201012 (14) National Motor Museum 201012 (13)

I mention Edward riding a Norton in Heirs and Graces; here's one (his is modified, of course):
National Motor Museum 201012 (16) National Motor Museum 201012 (17)

In Searching for Julia, one of Edward's cars is a silver Aston Martin DB6 Volante. This, however, is James Bond's DB5:
National Motor Museum 201012 (19)

And a DBS that Bond was less careful with:
National Motor Museum 201012 (26)

On the way out we always have to say hello to "Carlton's car", the TR2 that once belonged ton the late 4th Earl of Wharncliffe (a character so colourful that I'd never be allowed to make him up):
National Motor Museum 201012 (32)

Finally, moving back to characters I have made up, the middle right of these cars is a Triumph Herald, which Julia mentions driving in Heirs and Graces:
National Motor Museum 201012 (33)

Full set of photos starts here.
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