Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

A Couple of Links, and A Couple of Research Questions

Notorious confusables: lots of commonly confused words...

My fellow author on Echoes of Possibilities, A.B. Gayle, is compiling an A-Z of writing and publishing terms on her blog. Read and make suggestions at

I've already asked this elsewhere, but I may as well as here as well, because the answers to the second one have been interesting so far...

1) Does anyone have a spare copy of Nancy Friday's 'My Secret Garden' that I could buy or borrow? Any other books covering women's sexuality and fantasies in the 1970s could also come in handy.

2) Where or how would a woman in a small village obtain a vibrator in the mid-70s? I'm thinking about the standard 'Private Shop', but would the closest market town have such a thing or would she have to go to the city? Mail order is tricky unless she doesn't mind her landlady asking questions...
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