Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Report: CSI Portsmouth (what I did in my lunch break)

After sitting in a lecture theatre all morning, I felt I should get some fresh air and stretch my legs before the afternoon session. So I headed out of the John Pounds Centre towards Victoria Park.

The park is home to many fine trees, ornaments and memorials:
CSI Portsmouth 031112 (7)

CSI Portsmouth 031112 (8)

CSI Portsmouth 031112 (9)

There are also exotic birds and small mammals, which I must photograph next time.

Not to mention a small arts cafe:
CSI Portsmouth 031112 (10)

With outdoor as well as indoor seating
CSI Portsmouth 031112 (6)

The food's rather good too.

I had to head back smartish so as not to miss anything, but I got in a photograph of the John Pounds Centre before going inside
CSI Portsmouth 031112 (11)

I vote we revisit Victoria Park and the cafe for writerly outings in the spring.
Tags: for reference, out and about, real life, truth stranger than fiction
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