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Report: CSI Portsmouth (afternoon session)

I arrived back at CSI Portsmouth in good time to inspect the South Downs College crime scene mock-up:

CSI Portsmouth 031112 (12)

The afternoon had more of a high tech theme. Moderated once again by Cheryl Buggy, the experts were Adrian Fretter, from Hampshire Police's Hi-Tech Crime Unit; Professor Bran Nicol, who is a Professor of English Literature at the University of Surrey, and has studied crime culture and the psychology of stalking; and Dr Mark Button, Director of the Centre for Counter Fraud Studies, and Associate Head of Curriculum at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth. The authors were Pauline Rowson once again, along with Ann Cleeves, the author of the Vera series of crime novels.

CSI Portsmouth 031112 (13)

Points of interest: Adrian Fretter used to work as an informant handler, a dangerous occupation which is now handled by a dedicated unit. When he joined Hampshire Police in 1989 there were no computers in the police stations.

Stalking is interesting both because it only became a crime in 1989 and because it is such a universal behaviour, with similar patterns of behaviour in the UK and US.

Ann Cleeves is very involved in the making of the Vera TV series and attends script read-throughs.

Crime experts tend not to read much crime fiction.

Next year's event will be on the 2nd of November. Details here.

Before that, though, it's the Festival of Romance this weekend, and then the Deadly Dames are at Waterlooville Library on the 28th of November. I'll be ther to support them.
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