Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Picowrimo: Week Two Round-up

I've been managing to stay on track so far with my picowrimo tagret of doing final edits on one chapter of Searching for Julia, every day, along with writing one new heading paragraphs the chapters, at the same time. This week's headings included:

Although the Peveril Family Arms, displayed above the main entrance to Carsingthorpe Lodge as well as decorating many internal features, depict a dagger to represent the weapon used to dispatch Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick, that death alone was not sufficient to merit so rapid a rise in the family's fortunes. Scholars have postulated that William Peveril, at the time of the Battle of Barnet, was in possession of documents disproving Edward IV's legitimacy and so his right to the throne. Whatever the reasons, it is a matter of record that, following his acquisition of title and lands, William retired quietly to Derbyshire and seems to have played no further part in court life.


Triumph Herald Convertible. White. 3 years old (1962 model). 15,000 miles on clock. One careful lady owner from new. Serviced according to handbook schedule. Full paperwork. Family circumstances force sale. £299 ono. Tel WEStern 3454.

I've also got a 500 word synopsis and 300 word extract ready to go in case I get picked for a pitch session at the Festival of Romance this weekend.
Tags: on writing, picowrimo, posting elsewhere, story extract
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