Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Picowrimo: Week Three Round-up

I've been a bit quiet this week, mainly because I've been recovering from the Festival of Romance (more on which later). On the other hand I've been managing to keep up with my picowrimo target of editing one chapter and writing one chapter heading every day.

This week's headings have included:

West Kensington Mews House. Fully furnished. 2 beds, 1 recept. Attic studio. Modern kit. 1 ½ bath. Long/short term. £90 p.w. Tel.937 3454. E Reynard.


Richard, the 6th Duke of Derwent Dale (1733-1790) had two loves: his racing thoroughbreds and the gaming tables. Fortunately, he had great success with both, and was able to build the extensive stables to the rear of Carsingthorpe Lodge with his winnings. Duke Richard also restyled the guest quarters of the Lodge in order that his visitors might have a splendid view of the stables and his most cherished horses. He added to the family's property portfolio with the acquisition of the Packhorse Bridge Public House some ten miles north of the Carsingthorpe Estate, and the Fetterlock Tavern (formerly the Jolly Sailor) close to Greenwich Docks in London. Both properties are still owned by the family to this day.
Tags: on writing, picowrimo, posting elsewhere, story extract
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