Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Titles and Amusements

While trying to double-check the exact order of rank, title and surname for a very minor fictional character, I came across this reported exchange, involving the 5th Earl of Bandon:

...the occasion that he and several of his fellow pilots wearing grubby and disheveled flight dress, straight after combat flights, entered the Shepheard's Hotel in Cairo used as an officers’ mess during 1942. An immaculately dressed army officer snootily told him, "I am Major the Honourable (A N Other), Assistant Provost Marshal. You and your men are improperly dressed and must leave." The Earl replied, "I am Group Captain the Earl of Bandon and therefore outrank you on both counts. Now do push off, there's a good chap."
Tags: just for fun, on the internet, truth stranger than fiction
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