Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

November's Writing in Numbers

Encouraged by picowrimo, this month I edited all 94,900 words of Searching for Julia, and added some 4,000 words of chapter headings. I also wrote a synopsis, which needs a complete overhaul in the wake of feedback I got at the Festival of Romance, and completed my monthly guest post for Women and Words.

All of which means that when McKoala gets back, she ought to be very happy with me.

And talking of picowrimo, here are two of this week's chapter headings:

The magnificent Archangel Tapestry, displayed on the west wall of the Long Gallery, was presented by Sir Philippe de Peverel to his father Antoine in December 1399. Returning to France following his adventures with Sir Thomas Erpingham, Phillipe found himself the new heir due to the death by plague of his elder brother, along with his mother and sister. He married his betrothed, the Lady Aline, a mere month later then settled down to farm the family's estates. He would have slipped into obscurity, had not Erpingham sent for him during the military campaign that culminated in the Battle of Agincourt.


Memorial Service. A memorial service will be held at the Church of St Mary and All Saints, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, on Thursday 25th August at 3pm, for the 15th Duke of Derwent Dale, who died last week, and his son the 16th Duke of Derwent Dale, who survived him by less than ten hours. All welcome.

[ETA:] The 20th Century sections of these headings owe a lot to The Times online archive, which I've been accessing through my county's online library services. Hurrah for libraries.
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