Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

The 'Look' Meme Grabbed from Various People

The game is to find the word “look” in your current work in progress, and post an excerpt from that section of the manuscript.

Lots of examples in Searching for Julia, but I went with this one:

Just past the driveway, on the same side of the road as the house, a wooden Public Footpath sign pointed up the hill towards the woods that obscured its summit. Linda considered her shoes. The walks she took without Phil had always been more strenuous than those they went on together. If she planned to stay here for any length of time, and to explore the local area on foot, then she would need a proper pair of walking boots. For the time being, however, the shoes she was wearing would have to suffice. It didn't look to have rained properly for some weeks: the drought held in Derbyshire as it did in Westerbury, and the path that the sign pointed to was visible as an increased discolouration in the yellowing grass.

Linda started up the hill, guessing that this path would either curve around to take her back to the village, or would cross a path that would take her back there past the teashop. Her shoes slipped a little on the dry grass, and she resolved to look at the price of a good pair of sticks when she was buying boots, especially if all the local hills turned out to be as steep as this one. Her way into the wood was blocked by a gate, the word Private, just visible in white paint along its top rail. Next to it, another Public Footpath sign pointed out the path around the outside of the wood. Linda lowered herself to the ground beside the gate, and took stock of the view.

The estate was larger than she had previously thought, the rolling grassland extending much further beyond Upper Pemberley than it extended from Upper to Lower Pemberley. Linda could see small groups of sheep with their lambs, a herd of black and white cows, and some other animals in the distance that had to be deer. Within the estate, but reached by a separate track off the Lower Pemberley road, was a collection of farm buildings – barns, milking sheds, and others whose purpose was unclear to Linda. A tractor was trundling around a field and, as Linda watched, a Land Rover bumped over the grass to meet it.

Who else wants to play?
Tags: meme, story extract, work in progress
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