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eBook Mini Review: 'Love Fang' by Susan Blexrud

Love Fang by Susan Blexrud
Published by DCL Publications
Publication Date: 13th November 2008
ISBN: 978-1-921347-70-2
Price: $2.50

A sexy vampire with an infected fang falls in love with his dentist. Dental drills whir and hearts pound as this unlikely pair struggles to find happiness. Will he come to terms with his 500-year-old guilt and grief? Will she trade her fear for a set of fangs?

I won this one in a blog draw, after commenting on why I prefer urban fantasy to paranormal romance (there's a whole post on that coming up at some point), and had been looking forward to reading something that fell in between my categorisations of the two genres. I wasn't disappointed.

Although the central plot covers the romance between a human woman and a vampire, the book is very tongue-in-cheek at times. The vampires in the story don't hide themselves away, they range from good to evil, and they seem to have very human-like marriages and families. The only drawback being that for a human to marry a vampire, they must become a vampire themself.

The main vampire character is very much of the good variety, known as the Vampire Vigilante in the popular press, and meets with his new soon-to-be-love through the course of her work. And yes, I like that the heroine of this story is a successful professional. The would-be lovers are aided and abetted in their romance by their respective assistants, who have lives outside their work too.

The style veered a little closer to chicklit than I usually tolerate, but the plot, characters, and settings were engaging enough to keep me reading. One scene set in London had me itching to fact-check, but I resisted the urge for the sake of enjoying the story.

Overall, recommended, and I'll be tracking down the rest of the series.
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