Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Multiple Advent Goodies

Just in case people need more time wasters at such a busy time of year, I offer up some of the online and otherwise computer-based toys I've been looking at daily:

The Pocketeers are offering up a heroine a day on their blog;

The Geffrye Museum has an artefact a day on its website;

The Speak Its Name advent calendar in now in its fourth year of essays, stories and prizes, and you can catch up on previous posts here;

And if you want to pay out a couple of quid, you can download a choice of Jacqui Lawson advent calendars here.

Plus, if you need shopping ideas, John Scalzi's blog has links to all the posts in his Shopping Guide of last week, here, and then the Women and Words Holiday Hootenany kicks off on the 12th, with a full list of authors participating to be found over there.
Tags: competitions, inspiration, just for fun, on the internet
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