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Adding to My 'To Read' List Again

Firstly the final batch of books I spotted on Beth Wylde's Pride Month Event:

Come Back to Me
Published by Blue Feather Books
ISBN: 9780982285855
Retail Price: $15.50
Internet Price: $13.50

Author Angie Cantinnini's agent convinces her she must use a pseudonym if she hopes to land a contract with a mainstream publishing company—especially since the protagonist of Angie's novels is a hard-boiled male detective. Neither Angie nor her agent anticipates the raging success of the series of books or the mountain of wealth that accompanies each new release.

As a best-selling author, Angie should be delighted with her Bohemian life in Key West, but happiness is elusive because it's her alter-ego, Zach England, who's receiving the accolades, while Angie is relegated to anonymity.

Meryl McClain, the recently hired book review editor at the prestigious New York Banner, wants to make a strong first impression with her readers, so she picks Zach England's latest novel for her debut review. She offers a scathing critique, unaware the real author behind the pseudonym is her long lost true love, Angie. Heartrending choices separated the lovers eleven years earlier.

Seeing Meryl's review overwhelms Angie with feelings she thought she'd laid to rest years ago. This stroke of Fate beckons them to reunite, but Angie's secret identity and Meryl's struggle with a childhood trauma conspire to keep them apart.

Torn from a shared moment in their past, the words Come Back to Me have haunted the two women for more than a decade. Is it too late for Angie and Meryl to choose love again?

Her Two Dads by Ariel Tachna
Now available from Dreamspinner Press

5% of all profits from this title will be donated to the Family Equality Council & COLAGE. Both of these organizations work to advance full social and legal equality for LGBT families.


Srikkanth Bhattacharya is a quintessential gay bachelor and perfectly happy about it—until he gets a call from the local hospital telling him his best friend died in childbirth. Sri had agreed to provide the sperm to make Jill's dream of motherhood come true, but he'd never expected to have to make decisions for a baby girl. He intends to place her with an adoptive family, but once he sees her, Sri can't bring himself to do it, so now he's struggling to learn how to deal with a newborn.

His housemate and friend, Jaime Frias, volunteers to help, never guessing he'll fall in love with both the baby and Sri. Everything seems perfect until a visit from Social Services sends Sri into a tailspin, feeling like he has to choose between his daughter and a relationship with the man he's coming to love.

Footprints by Clare London
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Anti-terrorist operatives Evan Riley and Adam Nolan couldn't be less alike. Evan is easygoing and sociable, while Adam is the cool, controlled leader of the operation. But as their team spends nine straight months in a safe house on the coast, Evan comes to realize how the sea is both a lure and a torment to Adam. Despite Adam's stubborn refusal to allow anyone into his life, Evan is determined to be the one to help him face his personal demons and the idea of a future together.

Seasons by Anne Azel
Published by PD Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-933720-23-4 (1-933720-23-9)
Trade paperback cover price = $21.99 USD

Seasons is the story of a lesbian couple, their family, and their life together. It is also the story of the issues that face womenkind and the strength and courage that all women show in dealing with the challenges of today’s society.

America by Anne Azel
To be published by PD Publishing Winter 2010
Trade paperback
Genre: Lesbian / Short-stories

America is a collection of twelve stories about American lesbian women and their many and varied lifestyles and experiences. It is about the love between women, the fears and pain they have experienced and their strength and humour in over coming all obstacles. America is about the heart and soul of America and the lesbians that live there.

Dark Matter Command by Anne Azel
To be published by PD Publishing Autumn 2010
Trade paperback
Genre: Lesbian / Science Fiction / Romance

Captain Anna Cyborn thought she had finally been accepted both as an officer in the International Space Command and as a human when she was given her first command. Anna had not been born, but cloned and then altered so that she was 40% cybernetic and 60% human. She spent her informative years fighting the bigotry that made people react to her as a robot rather than a human.

To Anna’s disappointment, she discovered that her ship was a converted probe, her crew a bunch of misfits, and her command a special branch created to keep her from being a commanding officer in the ISC. She hadn’t gotten this far by giving up. Anna was determined to make the Dark Matter Corps an elite force that would make the ISC proud. Anna’s plans, however, hadn’t counted on a certain Cadet Jill Fairfax spicing up their missions.

Electric Melty Tingles by K. Z. Snow
Due for release in late September from Loose Id

opens in 1970 and closes in 2010. It covers the many "comings out" of two men and, at the end, introduces a teenager who's facing the same life-altering decision.

Walk Like A Man by D. L. King
To be published in Best Lesbian Erotica 2011

This story was born from a glimpse of a classic car while I was walking home from the subway one night. There's no sex in this excerpt, but that's all right, it comes later. It is in Best Lesbian Erotica, after all. The story's about magic; the magic of the perfect night, the perfect classic car, the perfect classic rock 'n roll and what can happen when you put them all that together.

And one I found via Beth Wylde, but not as part of Pride Month:

Crazy Taylor by Anthony Stevens
ISBN: 978-1-936356-03-4
Length: 54.1k (Nourishing Nosh)
Line: Captiva Clockwork and More
Genres: steampunk, adventure, sci-fi, romance (m/f, sweet/slightly sensual)
Heat Level: 2 suns

Airships...intrigue...adventure! Just another day in the life of Crazy Taylor.

When Charles Morgan inherits an Australian town from a distant uncle, he never dreams what it will eventually lead to. Along with his wife, best friend, and brother-in-law, they set out on the adventure of a lifetime that will shape their children's future.

Taylor Morgan is her father's daughter. Adventurous and obsessed with flying from an early age, she never imagines she'll find herself helping shape the course of WWII for the Allied forces. Can romance fly in the face of war, or will Nazi forces, a determined spy, and disgruntled government wonks ground "Crazy Taylor" and her Circus?

This weekend there's a Book Extravaganza Giveaway on a whole bunch of writer and reviewer blogs (more details at I've found a whole bunch of new blogs to read, and yet more recs:

Spellbent by Lucy A. Snyder
Paperback & eBook · 368 pages
Published by Del Rey
ISBN-10: 0-345-51209-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-345-51209-3
On Sale: December 29, 2009 · $7.99

Jessie Shimmer's roguish lover, Cooper, has been teaching her ubiquemancy, the art of finding the magic in everyday things. But things go terribly wrong when the couple try to call a rainstorm in downtown Columbus. A hellish portal opens, and Cooper is ripped from the world. Worse yet, a vicious demon invades the city. Jessie barely manages to slay it, but she's gravely wounded and the capital's center is destroyed. As if losing an eye and a hand isn't bad enough, the city's ruling mage, Benedict Jordan, brands her an outlaw. With only her ferret familiar to help her, Jessie must find the dimension Cooper's trapped in and bring him back alive before sinister machinations make both of them vanish for good.

Dinah of Seneca by Corrina Lawson
eBook version from The Wild Rose Press
Retail Price: $7.00

The Roman Empire of this tenth century stretches from Russia in the East to a new continent in the West. But a new continent brings new threats to their rule. The Roman garrison in Seneca, located in modern-day New York, lacks the supplies and men needed to defeat an alliance of native Mahicans and immigrant Vikings.

Dinah, a former slave trained in espionage, had hoped Seneca would be the start of a new life. Instead, she’d pulled back into war. If Seneca is to survive, Dinah must reconcile her allegiance to Rome with her chance to create her own destiny in the New World with Gerhard, the Viking Chief.

Title: Mare's War
Author: Tanita S. Davis
Genre: YA, Historical Fiction
Pages: 341

Sisters Octabia and Tali dread the road trip their parents are forcing them to take with their grandmother over the summer. After all, Mare isn't your typical grandmother. She drives a red sports car, wears stiletto heels, flippy wigs, and push-up bras, and inists that she is too young to be called Grandma. But somewhere on the road, Octavia and Tali discover there's more to Mare than what you see. She was once a willful teenager who escaped her less-than-perfect life in the Deep South and lied about her age to join the 6888th African American battalion of the Women's Army Corps during World War II. The book is told in alternating chapters, half of them following Mare through her experiences as a WAC and half following Mare and her granddaughters on the road in the present day.

Alison Dare, Little Miss Adventures Written by J. Torres, Illustrated by J. Bone
Juvenile Fiction - Comics & Graphic Novels; Juvenile Fiction - Comics & Graphic Novels - Superheroes
Imprint: Tundra Books
Format: Trade Paperback
Pub Date: May 2010
Age: 8-11 years
Trim Size: 5-1/2 x 8
# of Pages: 96 pages
ISBN: 978-0-88776-934-4 (0-88776-934-9)
CDN Price: $12.99 / US Price: $10.95

Alison Dare: Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft in fabulous, graphic adventures.Alison Dare is not your typical twelve-year-old. She's the daughter of an archaeologist/adventurer and the masked hero known as the Blue Scarab. To top it off, she's also the niece of an international super-spy; it's no surprise that a craving for danger is in her blood! Unfortunately, her parents have locked her away at the prestigious St. Joan's Academy for Girls, hoping that this would lead to a more "normal" life for their daughter.

But despite all the strict rules at the school, Alison and her best pals - Wendy and Dot - somehow manage to find themselves involved in adventures that rival those of Alison's globetrotting, planet-saving relatives. Whether it's magic genies, super-powered bank robbers, or a dastardly baron bent on world domination, Alison Dare delivers the best thrills since Indiana Jones and more action than Lara Croft!

And the sequel: Alison Dare, The Heart of the Maiden
ISBN: 978-0-88776-935-1 (0-88776-935-7)

I'll index all the review sites another day.
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