Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Six Sentence Sunday

Another Sunday, and another six. This time a semi-festive set from 'Charmed by Prince Charming' in my short story collection A Series of Ordinary Adventures. Ash and Colin are on their way to the pub:

They turned down the wide pavement on the High Street, empty of people though evidence of their earlier presence remained, past the mixture of medieval, Victorian, and modern shops. Some shop windows had Christmas displays, some were advertising heir mid-autumn sale, and a few hadn’t moved on from their Back to School promotions.

The council had strung lights from every available hook, but none were lit. Some demi-celeb would be switching them on, come the first of December, with fingers crossed that none of the bulbs blew until after they collected their appearance fee. Colin walked alongside Ash past the castle, not yet decorated, but with gaudy posters advertising holiday events pasted haphazardly across the notice board where its opening times were displayed. They passed the second-hand car dealers—vehicles with one careful owner and several not so careful—and the burger van that no one visited until the end of an evening’s drinking.

To see what other people have been posting this week, go to the website here and follow the links to all the story extracts, with something to suit every taste.
Tags: a series of ordinary adventures, my stories, six sentence sunday, story extract
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