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Research, research, research...

I've been up in Derbyshire for a few days, fitting in research for a story I want to write with various more mundane activities. Some of my plans were slightly scuppered, by timing or the weather, but I made some unexpected discoveries as well.

My plan to get a good look at the Sheffield Simplex, fell through due to it being prepared for an outing. So I only got to view it from the gallery above the workshop. On the other hand, I did meet the 1921 Charron-Laycock, a more compact car, which may better fit the scene I was planning for the Simplex (which may still show up in a different context.

I also encountered a Daimler SP250 Dart, which may replace the Aston Martin DB 6 as my anti-hero's car, at least in the flashback scenes. He also needs a motor bike, which I now think is going to be a BSA A65 Thunderbolt

Finally, I need something a little more ordinary in the form of the Volvo 120, which will probably only be appearing as a wreck.

After a day and a morning of looking at cars, bikes and machinery, I turned my attention to architecture. Sheffield Manor Lodge is my model for the central stately home of the story. The education centre was closed for a function, but I got to walk the grounds, getting an idea of the scale and layout.

So far I'm not sure who, if anyone, will be living in the Lodge, and who will be living in the main house. Next stage of this project involves getting out my maps and deciding where to put my version of the house.

I bought two small books at the Manor, which will help me get an idea of how the Manor might have looked if it had continued to be inhabited. I'm thinking of keeping the features Tudor, with only a few later additions.

So what next? I need to read in detail everything I've collected this time, and investigate how houses go from being homes to being open to the public. I need to decide on my protagonist's car, and research what might cause it, and others, to break down at plot-convenient moments. I have other places to visit, on other occasions, and I need to figure out distances between real and invented places.

How about you? What do you enjoy learning more about? What necessary research do you find less exciting?
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