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Three Mini Reviews

This week I have mostly been reading print books:

Inspector Singh Investigates: A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul by Shamini Flint
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Published: 03 September 2009
Format: Paperback 304 pages
Categories: Crime
ISBN 13: 9780749929763 ISBN 10: 0749929766

Inspector Singh is back, but this time on secondment to Bali. A bomb has exploded and Singh has been sent to help with anti-terrorism efforts. But there's a slight problem: he knows squat about hunting terrorists. He's much better suited to solving murder! So when a body is discovered in the wreckage, killed by a bullet before the bomb went off, Singh should be the one to find the answers - especially with the help of a wily Australian copper by his side. But simple murders are never as simple as they seem - and this one has far-reaching global consequences ...

I like Inspector Singh, not that he likes many of the people he meets. And this time he has good reason to, with various of those he meets confusing him with the Muslim terrorists behind the Bali bombings. I was a little dubious about the use of such a recent real event as the backdrop to the story, but Flint seemed to pull it off well.

I've already ordered the next in the series from the library, so I can pick it up when I return this one.

Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Published: 26 September 2005
Paperback 217 pages
Categories: Fiction Young Adult
ISBN 13: 9780330398121 ISBN 10: 0330398121

Davey's father was murdered. Now, she, her mother and her little brother have no idea how to go about rebuilding their lives. The family flees to New Mexico. In this alien place, Davey meets Wolf, a mysterious boy who understands her without asking questions. Slowly she begins to piece the broken fragments of herself together again.

I bought an older edition than the one I've linked to in the library sale. Although it was written 1981, the issues and emotions still feel fresh, even if the lack of technology dates it. I didn't read Judy Blume when I was in the target age group, but I'll be looking for more in the secondhand shops and library sales now.

Lessons in Love by Charlie Cochrane (Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 1)
Publisher: Samhain Publishing Ltd
Published: 01 June 2010
Format: Paperback 202 pages
Categories: Crime/Historical Romance
ISBN 13: 9781605047423 ISBN 10: 1605047422

St. Bride's College, Cambridge, England, 1905.

Jonty Stewart is handsome and outgoing, with blood as blue as his eyes. When he takes up a teaching post at the college where he studied, his dynamic style acts as an agent for change within the archaic institution. He also has a catalytic effect on Orlando Coppersmith.

Orlando is a brilliant, introverted mathematician with very little experience of life outside the university walls. He strikes up an alliance with Jonty and soon finds himself heart-deep in feelings he's never experienced. Before long their friendship blossoms into more than either man had hoped.

Then a student is murdered within St. Bride's. Then another... and another. All the victims have one thing in common: a penchant for men. Asked by the police to serve as their eyes and ears within the college, Jonty and Orlando risk exposing a love affair that could make them the killer's next target.

I actually bought this one, and was very glad that I did. Not that the library currently stocks it, but I may have found someone who can help on that score. Definitely my kind of historical mystery-with-romance. And the book is pretty too.

Today's post brought the latest in Kate Ellis' Wesley Peterson series, The Flesh Tailor. Guess what I'm currently reading?
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