Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

The 7/7/7 meme

Somehow I seem to have missed being tagged for this, but if someone tagged me and I didn't notice, then I apologise. Inspired to join in by sandra_lindsey.


Go to the 7th or 77th page of your ms, count down 7 lines and post the next 7.

Page 77 of Searching for Julia. Cheating slightly and giving you seven (short) paragraphs:

"D'you want to see something else?" Edward interrupted her thoughts. He was very good at that. "Follow me."

Linda dutifully followed, around to the side of the Lodge, where Edward unlocked a door she couldn't remember having seen from inside the building. At some point there had been a much larger door there: almost as large as the big door at the front. Or else someone had taken down part of the wall around the door, and then replaced the stonework afterwards.

The door opened into what seemed to be a part of 'below stairs': an area where only servants were expected to set foot. A door to her right almost certainly connected to the kitchen, and she guessed that the wide wooden staircase in front of them led up to the dining room.

"This way." Edward darted down a passage that led to one side of the stairs, then turned to look back at Linda.

As soon as she passed the bottom step, she saw the car. Much smaller than the Sheffield Simplex, but seemingly of a similar age, it was painted a deep, dark green and was evidently lovingly polished on a regular basis.

"Mother's Charon-Laycock." Edward flicked a spider off the front mudguard. "Father bought it new in 1921: a combined wedding and eighteenth birthday present for her, shortly after Hugh was born."

"Did she store it here during the war?" It seemed the most likely explanation for why a cherished car would be moved into the Lodge. The stables would have been occupied by horses back then, and the coach house might even have been in daily use because of petrol rationing.

Tagging anyone that wants to play along.
Tags: meme, my stories, searching for julia, story extract
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