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Books Read Part Four

And the final set for now...

The Piratical Miss Ravenhurst
by Louise Allen
Published by Mills & Boon
Print book
ISBN 9780263867978

Miss Clemence Ravenhurst never expected to find herself dressed as a boy and fleeing through the night time streets of Kingston, Jamaica. Nor was being snatched by some of the nastiest pirates in the Caribbean the sort of thing a wealthy heiress expected to happen. But even worse than life on board Red Matthew McTiernan’s ship was the realisation that she was falling in love with Nathan Stanier, renegade naval officer, ship’s navigator and her only protector. Clemence finds herself fighting for her life and her love on both the high seas and the drawing rooms of fashionable England alongside a man with his own battle between his desires and his duty.


I was persuaded to buy this by the author at the Festival of Romance completely against my stated reluctance to read series out of order. On the other hand she judged me perfectly since this has pirates and a cross-dressing heroine. Lots of fun details about life at sea from the point of view of two characters who are playing roles very different to who they really are. My one niggle was a small inconsistency of backstory towards the end. I want to read the others in this series at some point.

Twisted in Tulips
by Nikki Duncan
Published by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN 978-1-61921-287-9

After months of just getting by on military disability pay, Jace Nichols is going for his dream job in Miami. Until he stops to rescue a woman under attack. Thanks to his deeply ingrained sense of duty, he misses his one-shot-only interview—for a woman who seems more grateful he saved her way-too-sexy shoes than her life.

No one knows better than Misty Morgan that everyone is fighting some kind of battle. Hers is against her snobby family, who look down on her chosen profession as a wedding floral coordinator. Behind Jace’s surly exterior she senses wounds that run deeper than a missing arm.

When Jace spots Misty fending off yet another fawning male. he’s not sure what makes his control snap. The fact that she insists on wearing her skirts too short, or the fact he can’t resist kissing her.

Best to get it over with and give in to one crazy night that should get her out of his system. Instead he finds himself with more second chances than he can shake his steel hook at—if he can find room in his wounded heart for love.


I still like the way this series is turning out, but I had real problems with some of the hero's attitudes towards women in this particular book. Although he supposedly changed his views, I didn't feel that he'd completely redeemed himself.

Roses in the Devil's Garden
by Charlie Cochet
Published by Charlie Cochet

In a city overrun by lawlessness and corruption, best friends and lovers- Prohibition Agents Harlan Mackay and Nathan Reilly, are fighting a losing battle. With bootleggers running amuck and countless speakeasies materializing every day, how can two men possibly hope to make a difference? Especially when they can't even trust their own bureau?

If dealing with hoodlums wasn't enough, a ghost from Nathan's past threatens to destroy everything Harlan and Nathan hold dear.


One of my favourite eras for historical fiction, and one I don't see enough romances in. My only complaint is that this one could have done with being slightly longer for my tastes.

Pride & Prejudice
by Nancy Butler, Jane Austen
Illustrated by Hugo Petrus
Published by Marvel Comics
Print book
ISBN 9780785139157

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife... " Tailored from the adored Jane Austen classic, Marvel Comics is proud to present Pride & Prejudice! Two-time Rita Award-Winner Nancy Butler and fan-favorite Hugo Petras faithfully adapt the whimsical tale of Lizzy Bennet and her loveable-if-eccentric family, as they navigate through tricky British social circles. Will Lizzy's father manage to marry off her five daughters, despite his wife's incessant nagging? And will Lizzy's beautiful sister Jane marry the handsome, wealthy Mr. Bingley, or will his brooding friend Mr. Darcy stand between their happiness? Collects Pride & Prejudice #1-5.


Much as I love both Pride and Prejudice and the graphic novel format, this one didn't grab me as much as I would have expected. I loved the covers for the five individual comics, though.

Born on the Bayou
by Lynne Connolly
Published by Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.
ISBN 9781419939808

When Jace Beauchene, guitarist for Murder City Ravens, goes home to confront his unhappy childhood, he finds instead the sexiest woman in the world. Seeing the broken-down old plantation house all gussied up and new makes him realize he can’t go back, and Beverley Christmas makes him want more for his future. She lights up his nights, dazzles his days, makes him want more than he has a right to. But he’ll take it.


This series can't come out fast enough for me, and I suspect I'll be very disappointed when the final pairing happens because then it will have to end. This second book shows us more about all the main band members, gives us a glimpse at how the pair from the previous book are getting along and introduces a new character in Beverley. The descriptions of the house struck me, as did Beverley's competence at dealing with latwer events. I was just a little surprised it took the characters so long to come up with the solution to their dilemma when I'd spotted it several chapters earlier.
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