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The Worldbuilding Blogfest Day Three (belatedly)

Continuing my attempt to catch up with Sharon Bayliss' Worldbuilding Blogfest and aiming to catch up on my posts by tonight, if I time to rough out the next of them today.


Day Three: Religion and/or magic

Technically this should have gone up yesterday...

The majority of the inhabitants of Upper and Lower Pemberley, and most of those who reside elsewhere on the Carsingthorpe estate are 'firmly Church of England'. This mostly manifests in weekly attendance at either St John's in Upper Pemberley or St Bartholemew's in Lower Pemberley. In previous centuries, the chapel at Carsingthorpe Lodge was in regular use, but now Kate and Edward (when he's at home) divide their Sundays between the two village churches.

Hartington 140311 06 Hartington 140311 04

In spite of living in her cottage on the estate for almost 10 years, Brigit has made no move to convert from Roman Catholicism and regularly attends the Catholic Church in Wirksworth, usually travelling by bus. In the early days she scandalised Kate by requesting that Hancock, the family's faithful retainer and formerly the 15th Duke's secretary, drive her there each week.

The villagers are occasionally visited by Jehovah's Witnesses from nearby towns, but have little time to talk to them. Likewise, it is probably unwise for any clergyman to consider relocating to the estate unless he is fully supportive of village traditions such as well dressing.

Old Post Office Row 251210 02 Chatsworth 140311 02

And an excerpt from the main body of the novel, this time:

Leaving her bags in the car, she crossed the drive and followed a similarly gravelled path, squeezing past more trees, to the half-open front door. She pressed the doorbell, and waited. After a minute or so, and another attempt at the bell, she pushed on the door, and stepped through it into a small hallway.

"Hello? Is anyone at home?"

A dog barked once somewhere deep within the house, as a buxom woman, with greying brown hair, bustled into the hall, wiping her hands on a tea-towel. "I'm sorry, dear." She folded the tea-towel, and slipped it into the pocket at the front of her very floury apron. "I wasn't expecting anyone today. Did you ring the bell?" She reached over and switched on the ceiling light.

Linda nodded, dazzled more by the vibrant orange and yellow sunflower wallpaper than by the light itself.

"You're not a Jehovah's Witness are you?"
"No I'm –" An atheist? Not a churchgoer? "– I'm firmly Church of England."

"We get them sometimes, you know. Bussed out from Chesterfield or Derby, I expect. Not that they're likely to convert anyone around here, but I suppose you can't blame them for trying." She looked Linda up and down. You can't be here about the eggs, because it's not Tuesday..."

"I was hoping you might have a room available."

"I've got a whole house available. We don't get many visitors until a week or so before Well Dressings start. Was it just for the one night? Dinner, bed and breakfast?"

Photos show Derbyshire scenes taken around Hartington, Bamford and Chatsworth.

Next up, Food, Drink, Holidays, & Culture
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