Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Totally unaffiliated and unofficial Six Sentence Sunday post

Six Sentence Sunday is no more, but I'll be joining in Skye Warren's new monthly challenge along similiar lines, starting next month (details here).

Next Sunday, I'll be doing the Year of the Snake bloghop, but for this week, have six sentences from the excerpt I'm planning to enter in Sharon Bayliss's Worldbuilding Contest:

A dog barked once somewhere deep within the house, as a buxom woman, with greying brown hair, bustled into the hall, wiping her hands on a tea-towel. "I'm sorry, dear." She folded the tea-towel, and slipped it into the pocket at the front of her very floury apron. "I wasn't expecting anyone today. Did you ring the bell?" She reached over and switched on the ceiling light.

Linda nodded, dazzled more by the vibrant orange and yellow sunflower wallpaper than by the light itself.
Tags: just for fun, my stories, searching for julia, six sentence sunday, story extract
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