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Redemption 2013

Redemption 2013 was held in Coventry from the 22nd to the 24th of February 2013 and I was there from the night before until the morning after.

Thursday night was all about getting checked in and unpacked (as usual my cunning plan was to let my roomie unpack first so I could feel less guilty about how much more storage space my costumes took up compared with her clothes), eating at the pre-con dinner, and stuffing con packs ready for the next morning. A certain number of white wine spritzers may also have been drunk.

I kicked off Friday morning with a stint on the Registration Desk, during which my collaborator on the Fake History Project arrived already in costume and laden with twice the luggage I'd arrived with (I was in awe). We slotted in a working brunch to nail down as many names and dates as possible, then I was back on the desk and she was off at the ceilidh rehearsal.

My first panel of the weekend was 'Will We Run Out of Novelists?' The panel was divided on whether runnning out of good novelists was likely, and whether serial novels are a good thing, but the general consensus is that novels will continue even if some types of stories get told more often in other formats (e.g. video games) in the future.

After that I had a two hour break from panels in order to mingle, get changed and eat (not necessarily in that order before attending my roomie's panel on 'Why Do SF People Like Collecting Books?' followed by the madness of 'Starship Coolwall'. There was also a room party (not hosted by us for once).

Saturday morning began with me attending the Book Thread panel on Alt History. The main conclusion was that truth can be stranger than fiction because it doesn't need a coherent narrative. After that came my first panel of a heavily scheduled day: 'Watching the Detectives'. No real conclusions came out of that one other than that SF fans like detective shows.

I had wondered whether to go to the panel on 'Is Fandom More Open to Diverse Lifestyles?', but instead ended up lacing my collab into her dress, and having a bit of a break before my panel on 'Sherlock Gender Swap', where spacefall showed us that having a female Watson and/or Holmes is nothing new, and they have also been portayed as animals, vegetables and robots.

I went straight from there to the book readings. Mine went well, but we need to get the publicity machine revved up a bit more next time.

On the way to my next panel, I called in at the Zocalo and was restrained enough to leave with only one secondhand book and a dress pattern. The panel in question was 'Political Correctness in SF' and I somehow ended up moderating. It went well, though, and I have resolved to put myself forward to moderate more often in future.

We ate out (all of 100 metres from the hotel and I'd go there again), but I was back in good time to catch the masquerade and cabaret for the first time in a few years. I nipped upstairs to take part in the Blakes 7 Wobblevision, then went back to the Main Hall, where I may have danced to rather too many songs at the disco (aided by more white wine spritzers).

I started Sunday by preparing for 'Man of Iron' (getting Ops to print out more scripts for one thing) after which I went to the panel on 'At What Point Do Series Become Myth?'and then ran around doing more prep (writing out name tags then purchasing props: bananas for handguns and a cucumber for a shotgun).

The final panel I went to was 'The Seven Basic Character Types in Fiction' and then it was time for 'Man of Iron. Our best yet, with a most inspired Algor.

All that was left to us was the Closing Ceremony, Registration for Redemption 2015 and (unusually for me) the filking. I almost volunteered to read some Betjeman, but was too tired to read the words off my phone. I have, however, offered to pastiche a few of his poems around a Babylon 5 theme in 2015.

So that was my convention. Next year I'll be at Eastercon in Glasgow.
Tags: fake history project, out and about, redemption
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