Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Capturing History at Bolsover Castle -- Part One

A little later than I'd hoped writing this up, but...

On Friday the 8th of March I was up in Derbyshire for a day of photography at Bolsover Castle organised by English Heritage in conjunction with Line + Light. It was a bit foggy, with heavy rain forecast for later in the morning, so rather than begin with a lecture we headed straight out to ensure we at least managed some exterior shots.

This may give you an idea of the conditions we had to contend with:
Photography Day 080312 (2)

We split up, and I started off by exploring the Terrace Range to the west of the castle.

The Gallery
Photography Day 080312 (17)

Zoom to the Lodging Room side of one of the chimneys
Photography Day 080312 (19)

Looking back from the Lodging Room, through the Withdrawing Room and into the Entrance Hall
Photography Day 080312 (22)

As well as the big architectural features, I'm interested in the effects of the weather on smaller areas of the stonework, as in this series:
Photography Day 080312 (27) Photography Day 080312 (30) Photography Day 080312 (31)

I also like doors and windows:
Photography Day 080312 (39) Photography Day 080312 (40)

And the way in which Nature is trying to reclaim the stones as well:
Photography Day 080312 (41) Photography Day 080312 (42)

In my next post, we can see what lies beyond that doorway.
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