Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Capturing History at Bolsover Castle -- Part Two

Having explored the guest areas of the Terrace Range which were still in possession of floors, I did my usual thing and searched out the kitchens and service rooms through the doorway pictured in my previous post and beneath where the Dining Room would once have led off the Entrance Hall.

Photography Day 080312 (26)

These arches were quite splendid, although the doorway leading to them was more utilitarian
Photography Day 080312 (51) Photography Day 080312 (52)

To the right of the doorway I found this fireplace, and spent a while trying to capture the textures on the misplaced stone in front of it
Photography Day 080312 (53) Photography Day 080312 (59)

Back in the room with the arches, I found these three fireplaces
Photography Day 080312 (62)

And then I went into the kitchens to take a closer look at the ovens
Photography Day 080312 (64)

Coming up, my exploration of the far side of the Terrace Range, and the outside of the Little Castle.
Tags: for reference, out and about, photography, photos, real life
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