Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Capturing History at Bolsover Castle -- Part Three

Having spent more than half our morning session in and around the Terrace Range, my group swapped locations and moved to the Little Castle. First, Martine from Line + Light explained the importance of taking the correct establishing shot, in this case one that clearly explained the distinction between the architecture of the Terrace Range and the Little Castle:

Photography Day 080312 (73)

I also split the shot into two separate ones, so I could fully establish the character of each building:
Photography Day 080312 (76) Photography Day 080312 (80)

Martine suggested I forget my usual technique of zooming in on distant features, and try for the perfect shot of something close at hand:
Photography Day 080312 (90)

I think these two came out almost as well, though:
Photography Day 080312 (91) Photography Day 080312 (93)

Then I explored the Forecourt of the Little Castle and took two series concentrating on specific sections of wall.

First, these two stylised arrow slits, one (mostly) original and one restored:
Photography Day 080312 (96) Photography Day 080312 (99)

Photography Day 080312 (102) Photography Day 080312 (103)

Next, the two mini-turrets at the entrance to the Forecourt:
Photography Day 080312 (104) Photography Day 080312 (108)

Photography Day 080312 (110)

By the time I'd finished exploring the area around the Little Castle, everyone was rather cold, and we retreated inside for a lecture and slide show on camera and composition techniques. We were also shown some photographs of Sutton Scarsdale Hall, which would have been part of the course on a fine day, take on-site and from Bolsover Castle as well as pictures of Bolsover Castle taken from Sutton Scarsdale Hall.

In my final post, I will have photos that were taken inside the Little Castle, not that it was noticably warmer in there than outside.
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