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Stevie Carroll

Capturing History at Bolsover Castle -- Part Four

After the usual, rather splendid, English Heritage buffet in the cafe (not quite as posh as the one I had at Wellington Arch, but that was a different type of event altogether), we headed back out into the fog, although fortunately the threatened rain had kept away. Having collected tripods and lights, we returned to the Little Castle, and set up.

I hadn't used a tripod before, and as the one I'd picked up was missing its camera-base, I ended up borrowing the very sophisticated one belonging to Bob from Line + Light. All photos were taken without flash, incidentally, although I did play with the ISO setting on my camera, which was a new experience for me.

First, the fireplace in the Hall:
Photography Day 080312 (112)

We had additional lighting set up in the Pillar Parlour, although I preferred to concentrate on slightly different shots to the optimum one:
Photography Day 080312 (121) Photography Day 080312 (122)

After multiple attempts, I got a half-decent close-up of the carvings over the fireplace:
Photography Day 080312 (130)

Upstairs, I got two decent shots in the Star Chamber, one with and one without the tripod:
Photography Day 080312 (159) Photography Day 080312 (150)

Finally, I went down into the basement, and spent a lot of time playing around in the Kitchen:
Photography Day 080312 (185)

I enjoyed working around the pillar in the centre of the room:
Photography Day 080312 (187) Photography Day 080312 (188)

Although... This is possibly my favourite shot from the afternoon session:
Photography Day 080312 (189)

Having left the Little Castle, and just before the castle's staff finally threw us out, there was just time to take some photographs in the Riding House.

This is probably my best one, although sadly there wasn't time for me to set up on the upper floor and get a proper shot through the beams.
Photography Day 080312 (193)

I feel like I got a lot out of the course, including advice on which camera I should upgrade to, and I'll definitely book myself on another once I have upgraded (if not before).
Tags: for reference, out and about, photography, photos, real life
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