Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Another Plot Hole Filled

Does it count as a plot hole when the discrepancy is in my head?

In one scene in Searching for Julia, Edward outlines his military career to Linda in an account she instantly recognises as a combination of truths, half-truths and (possibly) lies. At some point I may need to return to that part of his story, so I had to find a way to either make my thoughts add up, or discard the sections that wouldn't fit. And now I've accomplished the former:

Edward was commissioned in the Sherwood Foresters, not wanting to follow his father and elder brother into the Rifles and possibly inspired by stories from some of the returning estate workers who had served in the Regiment during the war. He initially served in Germany, where his language skills came in useful (being fluent in German and Russian amongst others). As hostilities escalated in Korea he was seconded to the Royal Leicestershire Regiment (both regiments then being part of the Midland Brigade). This was partly due to his family connections and also as recognition of his interest in East Asian matters (yet another line of study developed during long hours in the library at Carsingthorpe Lodge).

I finally have a reference book for the British involvement in Korea, but the main point is that while Edward proved to be an accomplished field officer (and may, as he claimed, have been destined to be the youngest captain in the regiment) his other skills were of more interest to Her Majesty's Government. So late in 1952, he was sent to deal with a minor diplomatic issue in Japan, while being vetted for more interesting work. Then, as Edward himself reported, everything fell apart...

Does that hold together now?
Tags: asking the hive mind, for reference, pondering, searching for julia, work in progress
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