Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

And the Results Are In

You lot have persuaded me that civilisation ends at Watford Gap, rather than Watford, since although 'Somewhere else' got most votes of all, none of you agreed on which somewhere else.

Since the whole point of the line the phrase gets used in is that 'what happens in London, stays in London', I'm going to rework the whole thing to 'respectable once you get past Potters Bar.' Technically, it ought to be South Mimms Services, rather than Potters Bar, especially when talking about the days before the M25, but I don't that many non-UK readers will be able to locate South Mimms at all (aznd Potters Bar sounds better).

And a photo from yesterday, when I went to Canons Ashby (the name always makes me think of Brat Farrar):
Canons Ashby 190413 (128)
Tags: asking the hive mind, out and about, photos, real life
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