Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Southampton on Sunday

Last Sunday, we had grand plans to meet up in Portsmouth. Sadly, charliecochrane was unwell, so kayberrisford and I met up in Southampton instead. After coffee and cake at the Tudor House's cafe, we went exploring.

First off, St. Michael's Church across the square turned out to be open to visitors for once, so we had a good look round, and I took a picture of the archangel himself...

Note that he has proper eagle's wings and not swan's wings like a lot of representations (or so my tame historian tells me):
St Michael 280413

We then wandered around the old town, and found that the Medieval Merchant's House was also open to the public. The light wasn't particularly good, but I tried to do justice to some of the rather nice furniture inside...

One of the many painted chests downstairs:
Merchants House 280413 (2)

Merchants House 280413 (6) Merchants House 280413 (7)

Painted cupboard in the kitchen:
Merchants House 280413 (10)

More kitchen pics:
Merchants House 280413 (11) Merchants House 280413 (12)

That cupboard again:
Merchants House 280413 (13)

There was also much writerly chatting, oddly enough.
Tags: art, for reference, out and about, photos, real life
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