Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

The Dambusters 70 years on

Normally I'm a bit blase about fly-pasts, by aircraft of whatever vintage (you've seen one Lancaster a few times, then that's possibly as good as it gets), and generally I feel that once you've had a couple of Tornados swoop below the level you're riding at, anything they do is just showing off. On the other hand, this footage from yesterday is a bit stunning, especially with the Spitfire as well.

More details here.

Lot of people there, and their cars did clutter up the valley for the rest of the day, including almost blocking in Mum and Dad's motorhome when they were planning to take it away for the weekend (after watching the fly-past from its roof!).

I may finally have photos of racing cars in action for you all later today.
Tags: for reference, in the news, inspiration, on the internet, real life, truth stranger than fiction
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