Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Nothing's New, Really

Browsing old journals throws up all kinds of interesting facts. I only had a quick glance at Volume 1 of Gentleman's Magazine ('a Britain-focused miscellany of information about people, places and events, including news summaries, parliamentary reports, biographies and obituary notices, poems, essays, and a register of current publications') from January 1731 yesterday, but the Deaths Pages threw up these two characters:

Mr Thomas Monins, a wine cooper at Dover. Upon the death of Sir Edward Monins of Waldershire in Kent, Bart. the title descended to the deceased, but he would not take it upon him, however his eldest son, 'tis said, will.


Mr Robert Bristow, aged 105, at Stamford, Lincolnshire, [He had lost his Hearing, but had his Sight and other Senses to the last.]

Full details of the (sadly defunct) project that put these and other gems of journals online here: ILEJ, the "Internet Library of Early Journals".
Tags: for reference, inspiration, on the internet, truth stranger than fiction
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