Stevie Carroll (stevie_carroll) wrote,
Stevie Carroll

Outlines for Two Stories I'm Not Going to Write Yet

I'm jotting them down here, before I forget, though.

Story Number One, for which I blame erastes:

Contemporary Romance – An enthusiastic young male veterinary graduate (apply suspension of disbelief wherever you like in that phrase) applies for a job in a mixed practice somewhere Up North, where the female boss none-too-cheerfully informs him that 'we do our own on-call round here' and 'our nurses are very experienced: make sure you stay on their good side' (again, apply suspension of disbelief wherever you like in that phrase). Undeterred our hero takes the position, complete with obligatory clapped-out Land Rover and a small cottage next door to the boss' house.

Veterinary stuff happens, and our hero learns from one of the (surprisingly cheerful) nurses that the boss has never quite been the same since her husband was killed by a lorry on one of those narrow country lanes (did I mention I'm aiming the suspension of disbelief part enough yet, or am I just a cynic who never worked in the right veterinary practice?). He gets on well with the clients and the staff, becomes a regular at the local pub and even gets given the occasional brace of rabbits or leg of lamb by the the local farmer/butcher/poacher.

One night, our hero returns from a difficult calving and – oh, no! -- his shower is broken. He must go next door and ask the boss if he can use hers. Romance ensues. More veterinary stuff happens. The practice thrives because the boss is happy again. THE END

Story Number Two, for which I'm not blaming josephine_myles, but I suspect encouragement will be coming my way from her direction:

Near Future with Romantic Elements – Paulo Masoud is a former gangster's moll (I shall devour books on the Krays et al until I find the correct male version of the term), now working a barge up and down the much expanded canal network in post-Peak Oil Britain. For important plot reasons, his old crowd want him to go back to them, but he resists until stuff happens. There are adventures, and canal boats, and horses. There will be some kind of happy ending. Okay, so that's a very rough outline, but it might be fun to research.

In other news, I am definitely going to give up on my current library book (Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane) and read something that I find more fun. I'm sure it's a very good story, but it just feels too much like hard work at the moment.
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